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McWilliams Sales & Service distributes electrical discharge machines, components, and consumables. As North America's premier EDM experts, McWilliams is your trusted source for new and used EDM equipment. We specialize in Sodick, Japax, and KTC electrical discharge machines, with varieties of machines including wire, vertical, ram, conventional, Small Hole, tap busters, and portable EDMs.

How Does the EDM Process Work?

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is the process of electrically removing hard material from a conductive material. This process is achieved by applying high frequency, pulsed direct current to the workpiece through an electrode, wire, or through a copper or brass tube. The wire or tube melts and vaporizes the workpiece material at approximately 7,500 degrees, coupling with a servo-drive. While never touching the workpiece, an electrode discharges its current through an insulating dielectric fluid (water or oil) across a varying small spark gap. This spark vaporizes and melts the workpiece material. The servo-system controls this spark gap.

Electrical Discharge Machine Advantages

EDMs are used to create extremely precise, exacting cuts in materials too difficult for conventional cutting methods. Using an EDM provides numerous benefits, including:
  • Small interior radius
  • Fine surface finishes
  • Ability to cut submerged
  • Extreme accuracy to side wall & straightness in "thick" components
  • Four-axis machining capability
  • Virtual burr-less machining
  • Slight to extreme taper to part walls  

McWilliams is a Supplier of New & Used EDMs for All Industries

At McWilliams, we are proud that many of our customers have been with us since our inception. We serve a wide range of businesses and industrial sectors, including small job shops, medical & dental device manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, nuclear facilities, and more.

At McWilliams, we want you to become a valued and satisfied customer. We always go the extra mile to earn our customers repeat business through exceptional customer support before, during, and after an EDM purchase.

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McWilliams is Your Source for Used Sodick, KTC, & Japax EDMs

We distribute reconditioned Sodick, Japax, and KTC EDM machines. In addition to meeting our strict in-house standards, our reconditioned EDM machines are serviced to perform to the manufacturer's original specifications. Reconditioned EDM machines are an economical, cost-effective alternative to purchasing new, high-priced EDM machines. Explore our used EDM machines.

McWilliams also supplies components and consumables for EDMs, including electrodes, filters, resin, wire, and more. In addition, McWilliams is the single global source for Japax parts.

Do You Have an EDM for Sale?

McWilliams purchases used electrical discharge machines. If you have an EDM for sale, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss purchasing options.

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Contact the experts at McWilliams to learn more about our new and used high-quality EDM machines. You can also call us at (248) 437-6616, and our sales staff will happily assist you. For additional pricing information, request a quote today.

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