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EDM Services

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) are used for high precision machining requiring tight tolerances. During the EDM process, wire or electrodes are used to create a spark that cuts the material with each pass. Since the material is submerged in fluid and never touched by the electrode, EDM is ideal for materials that are delicate or require a very fine surface finish.
Maintaining precision and consistency is an essential part of EDM. Over time, your EDM equipment will require routine maintenance, including the replacement of machine components. The wire and electrodes used to cut material during the EDM operation wear down during the cutting process and should be replaced as needed. There are also filters, fluids, guides and resins that will need replacing.
McWilliams Sales & Service offers everything you need for your EDM operation, ranging from consulting to determine the best machine for your projects; EDM machines and consumables; to repairs and other EDM services. Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue or ordering replacement consumables, or need assistance training employees to ensure proper machining, we’re here to help.

EDM Services

McWilliams Sales & Service offers a range of EDM Services for Japax, Sodick, KTC and other EDM machine brands. Our EDM services are available to customers that previously bought their machines from our company, the former McWilliams Machinery Sales, our distributors, from other companies, or through online sales and auction sites such as eBay.
The EDM services offered by McWilliams Sales & Service include:
  • Free consultation, support via phone or email for questions related to EDM services, applications and parts
  • In-house service, application, and EDM training by McWilliams’ highly knowledgeable personnel
  • EDM consumables such as wire, filters, resin, wire and small hole guides, flush nozzles, carbide contacts, and brass or copper single- and multi-hole electrodes 
Contact McWilliams Sales & Service to discuss your EDM needs or view our current in-house rates for EDM service pricing.

New, Used and Reconditioned EDM Machines & Equipment

In addition to parts and repairs, McWilliams Sales & Service buys, trades and sells new, used and reconditioned EDM machines. We offer used EDM machines from Japax, KTC and Sodick, as well as new EDM equipment and consumables including: If you would like to sell or trade in your used EDM machine, please complete our sales form and someone from our sales department will contact you. You can also request a quote for EDM services or for our new and used equipment, consumables, and replacement parts.

Contact Us for EDM Services or to Purchase EDM Equipment 

McWilliams Sales & Service offers a wide range of Electrical Discharge Machining equipment and services. For information about the machines we have available at any given time, or the new machines we can provide, please contact our Sales Manager Kurt Mazurek at (248) 437-6616 or via email at kurtm@mcwilliamsedm.com.
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