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EDM Services

McWilliams Sales & Service offers the following EDM Services for Japax, Sodick, KTC and other EDM machine brands to customers that have previously bought their machines from our company, the former McWilliams Machinery Sales, our distributors, from other companies, or thru eBay, etc.
  • Free service, application and parts support via the phone or the internet via email
  • In house service, application, and machine training by McWilliams highly knowledgeable personnel
  • Our in-house rates effective January 1, 2018 can be found by clicking here.
  • Consumables such as wire, filters, resin, wire and small hole guides, flush nozzles, carbide contacts, brass and copper single hole and multi hole electrodes 
For information about the machines we have available at any given time, or the new machines we can provide, please contact our Sales Manager Kurt Mazurek at (248) 437-6616 or via email at
  • Sales of your EDM machines to us thru our sales department. You can access the form needed to sell your used machine here.
  • Trading in of your older EDM machine for a brand new, reconditioned or used working EDM machine
  • Buying outright from our company a new, reconditioned or used working EDM Machine

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