EDM Fluids & Solutions

EDM dielectric fluid and EDM graphite solutions are designed to prevent electric discharges. EDM fluids are regularly utilized as electrical insulators in high voltage applications to provide electrical insulation, suppress corona and arcing, and to serve as a coolant.
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EDM Dielectric Fluid Functionality

EDM graphite solution products are designed to serve numerous purposes. Depending on your specific application needs the EDM fluid may serve one or many functions. Some of the critical functions that EDM dielectric fluid provides, includes:
  • Sparking gap spacing between the electrode and workpiece.
  • EDM chip removal from the sparking area.
  • Heated material cooling for EDM chip processing 

EDM Fluid Maintenance

The type of EDM fluid that is initially utilized within your machine will determine how often a fluid change is required. A synthetic fluid may never need to be changed, only topped off unless destabilization occurs. A petroleum based fluid will need to be changed at some point during the life of the EDM machine. Some of the factors that determine when EDM fluid needs to be changed, include:
  • Type of materials being machined
  • Efficiency and quality of EDM fluid filters
  • Type of original fluid
  • Type of EDM work that is performed
Based on the overall functionality of the machine a laboratory analysis can help determine when a petroleum based EDM graphite solution fluid needs to be replaced. After five or more years of use old EDM fluid can also start to smell bad and change color. If this occurs the EDM fluid should be changed.

EDM Graphite Solution Options

Choosing the right dielectric fluid for your EDM application can often become a complex process. There are a wide range of standards that must be considered before a final decision is made. Some of these standards include the degree of metal removal, electrode wear and particle suspension. Ultimately, the machine’s manufacturer should be consulted before any final decisions are made regarding the type of EDM fluid that is used within your machine.

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