Sodick Wire EDMs are high-performance machines known for their precision, durability, and reliability in producing superior components. Sodick EDMs are used in a wide range of industrial applications to make tools, punches, and dies from hard metal plates and other conductive materials, creating custom pieces with exceptionally tight tolerances.

McWilliams: Your Source for Sodick Wire EDM Services

At McWilliams, we offer reconditioning and maintenance services for Sodick Wire EDMs. Our team of highly trained engineers meticulously recondition Sodick machines, restoring them for high-performance operation. Our routine maintenance service programs for Sodick Wire EDMs are designed to ensure your Sodick machine continues operating at peak performance.

Reconditioning Services for Sodick Wire EDM

The reconditioning process involves a thorough inspection, replacement of worn parts with genuine Sodick components, and rigorous performance testing. This process ensures your machine meets the original manufacturer's specifications and delivers continued precision and reliability. The reconditioning process includes:
  • Inspection & Cleaning: Every component is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, including worktables, tanks, and seals.
  • Testing of Components: After cleaning, each cleaned part is tested. Any defective component is replaced to meet manufacturer specifications.
  • Reassembly: The machine is reassembled following manufacturer guidelines. New consumable items like filters and guides are installed.
  • Performance Tests: The reassembled machine undergoes a series of performance tests, including accuracy test cut, taper test cut, metal removal rate test, and more.

Sodick EDM Maintenance Services

Sodick EDMs are built to last, but even the most robust EDM equipment requires regular maintenance. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly downtime.
  • Regular cleaning & Lubrication: Maintaining a clean and well-lubricated machine minimizes friction and wear on critical components.
  • Filter Changes: Replacing air and dielectric fluid filters ensures optimal performance and component lifespan.
  • Calibration Checks: Regularly verifying the accuracy of your machine's operation guarantees consistent, high-precision results.

Your One-Stop Solution for Sodick EDM Services & Consumable Supplies

If you need maintenance or reconditioning services for your Sodick machine, McWilliams is your solution. From Sodick EDM reconditioning and maintenance services to EDM consumables like wire, carbide inserts, and resin, McWilliams is your one-stop source for top-quality Sodick EDM resources. When you get your Sodick Wire EDM resources from McWilliams, you can count on:
  • Extensive inventory of consumables, new & used EDMs, & more
  • Expert support and service, including consultations, training, and more
  • Fast turnaround times for services and consumable orders
  • Competitive pricing options on our services and supplies for maximum value

Contact Us to Learn How McWilliams Can Provide Your Sodick Resource Needs

Contact McWilliams for more information on our Sodick Wire EDM resources. For pricing estimates on your specific needs, request a quote online, and our team will get in touch with you. For all your Sodick EDM services and supplies, choose McWilliams Sales & Service.

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