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Used Japax Wire EDM Machines

  • Wire EDM
  • Japax LU3B Wire EDM
  • Japax LUX3 Wire EDM
  • Japax LV3 Wire EDM

Electrical discharge machining is a manufacturing process where materials such as metal and other conductive materials are machined to create tools, dies and complex designs. This process is completed using a wire EDM machine and is also referred to as spark machining due to the sparking action created by the machine’s electrical discharge during the tooling process.

Wire EDM machines use a thin wire that produces a recurring electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece to cut into the work material, which is flushed and cooled with deionized water. Since the wire never touches the metal, the process produces a clean surface finish that does not require deburring, making it ideal for applications involving intricate designs.

Advantages of Using Wire EDM Machines

  • Clean process, no deburring
  • Suitable for thin, delicate materials and intricate designs
  • Works on any conductive material

North America’s Only Qualified Supplier of Used Japax Wire EDM Machines

McWilliams Sales & Service Inc. is the only qualified supplier of used Japax EDM machineseither working as-is or fully reconditioned, in North America. We work with both Japax Small hole and wire EDM machines using fully trained staff with years of experience in service, training, parts, consumables, and application support.
All Japax EDM machines go through a rigorous, six-step testing, reconditioning and inspection process that is performed in our Brighton, MI office by trained employees. Our used EDM machines are provided with the following:  
Learn more about our Japax Wire EDM Machine reconditioning process  or request a quote for a used EDM machine.

Contact Us to Learn More About Japax EDM Machines

We are the experts when it comes to previously owned/used Japax EDM machines. If you are interested in finding out more about our quality, used Japax EDM machines, contact our Sales Manager Kurt Mazurek at (248) 437-6616 or kurtm@mcwilliamsedm.com.
  • We stock most parts needed in our MI office and all consumables either in our MI or NC offices
  • McWilliams offers free phone support for Japax service, parts, and applications in both our MI and NC office
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