Small Hole EDM Drilling Machines

McWilliams offers manual and full CNC small hole edm machines. We also distribute unique Portable Tap Buster machines. McWilliams is your trusted source for edm resources and consumables.

Small Hole EDM Features

  • Can use electrodes from .003-.156-inch diameter dependent on machine model and options
  • EDM holes in any conductive material
  • Can use tap water dependent upon conductivity
  • Can use single-hole and multi-hole copper and brass electrodes
  • Ordered with the optional (AEC) Automatic Electrode Changer for CNC EDM Models
  • The Model SD1Mwith a swinging/pivoting EDM Head, saves on expensive EDM tooling

What Is Small Hole Spark Erosion Drilling?

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), also known as spark erosion, is the process of removing conductive material from a workpiece through rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes. In small-hole electrical discharge machining, a small-diameter spinning electrode is used to produce holes in materials that would otherwise be impossible. Small hole EDMs are capable of producing burr-free holes with exacting precision.

Manual Small Hole Machines

Model SD1M

The Model SD1M EDM comes standard with a swinging/pivoting head. The EDM head can pivot at any angle between vertical to horizontal positions. This swinging/pivoting head creates a more efficient drilling process, helping save money on expensive EDM tooling. This machine can use electrodes from .003-.1575 inches in diameter.

Model DJ1612

The Model DJ1612 Small Hole EDM Machine is our 2nd generation basic, inexpensive EDM capable of drilling holes using .012-.118-inch diameter electrodes.

CNC Controlled Small Hole Machines

Models EDB-435 & EDB-640

CNC machines are computer-controlled electrical discharge machines. Both models are available with optional Automatic Electrode Changer Units (AEC) and come standard with LCD touchscreen monitors to input drilling programming and parameters. Optional dielectric fluid filtration units are also available. These Small Hole Drilling Machines can use electrodes from .003-.156-inch diameters without the optional AEC unit and from .012-.118-inch diameters when ordered with the optional AEC unit.

Portable Small Hole Electrical Discharge Machines

Tap Buster / Broken Tap Remover

Also known as the EDM-DR, this unique EDM Machine can be directly transported to any location. This portability means you never need to remove and lose the positioning of your parts to remove a broken tap or drill.

Tap Buster/ Broken Tap Remover machines use ordinary tap water as the dielectric. Its standard internal pump can use brass or copper single-hole or multi-hole electrodes from .039-.256-inch diameter. Tap Buster / Broken Tap Remover EDMs use 220VAC, 5A single-phase power. The optional 110-220VAC buck boost transformer allows you to plug into any 110VAC wall outlet in your facility.

McWilliams is Your Trusted Source for Precision Wire EDM Resources

McWilliams has supplied premium EDM resources for more than four decades. We distribute new and used wire cut EDMs, small hole drilling EDMs, and EDM consumables. We also provide a range of EDM services and support. If you want to buy or sell EDMs, McWilliams is your solution.

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