EDM Wire Guides

EDM guides are one of the most important parts of a wire-cut EDM machine because they maintain proper wire alignment, ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool. The cutting action of a wire EDM is produced by electrical discharges created by a wire wound on a spool and automatically fed through two guides. The EDM wire guides are located in the upper and lower machine heads. They are CNC controlled and move in the x-y plane for standard cutting or in a z-u-v axis for tapered or more intricate shapes. EDM guides are available in diamond or sapphire options, each with advantages for different application requirements.

Order Wire EDM Guides from McWilliams

Order below from our extensive selection of EDM drill guides. Not sure which wire EDM guides are best for your application? Contact us, and our staff will assist you in finding the right wire guides for your application.

What is the Difference Between Sapphire & Diamond Wire EDM Drill Guides?

There are two types of guides: diamond wire EDM guides and sapphire wire EDM guides. Diamond guides are more expensive than sapphire guides but offer higher performance and last significantly longer. EDM guides should be regularly inspected and cleaned to maintain machine speed and accuracy and prevent clogging or misfeeding. This can be done using an ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser or soaking the EDM guides in mineral spirits.

Cutting Applications for Sapphire & Diamond EDM Guides

Diamond EDM guides are incredibly resistant to wear and tear, even in the harshest EDM cutting environments. Diamond guides can also withstand higher temperatures than sapphire guides, making them ideal for cutting difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and hardened steel. Sapphire guides are typically used for cutting less demanding materials such as aluminum and copper. Not sure which wire EDM guides are best for your application?

Sapphire & Diamond Wire EDM Guides from Leading Manufacturers

McWilliams supplies EDM guides and other high-quality consumables from leading manufacturers. Our wide selection of EDM wire guides includes:

  • Sodick Sapphire Upper AWT Guides                 
  • Sodick Sapphire AWT Pre-Guides
  • Sodick AWT Pipes
  • Small Hole Guides
  • Japax Diamond Wire EDM Guides
  • Sodick Diamond Wire Guides
  • Agie Wire Guides
  • Accutech Wire Guides
  • Charmilles Wire Guides
  • Chmer Wire Guides
  • Fanuc Wire Guides
  • Hitachi Wire Guides
  • Makino Wire Guides
  • Mitsubishi Wire Guides
  • Ond Wire Guides
  • Seibu Wire Guides

Your Source for High-Performance EDM Wire Drill Guides & More

As a leading distributor of EDM and EDM resources, we help customers nationwide get the best EDM products for their application requirements. In addition to our broad selection of diamond and sapphire guides, we sell new, used, and refurbished EDMs. We also supply customers with EDM consumables, including colletts, electrodes, filters, wire, wire tools, and more. We offer competitive pricing on all our EDM products, ensuring you get the resources you need at an excellent value. With in-house equipment service and EDM machine training, McWilliams is your one-stop source for all things EDM.

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Contact us to learn more about the high-performance diamond and sapphire wire EDM guides we distribute. You can also request a quote for pricing estimates on special orders. At McWilliams Sales & Service, we are committed to providing our customers with the best EDM solutions and services.

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