Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction where dissolved ions are removed from a solution and replaced with other ions of the same or similar electrical charge. Deionized resins are regularly utilized in EDM applications to effectively remove the impurities of the fluids that are used during the cutting processes.
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How Does an Ion Exchange Resin Function?

Ion exchange is the swapping of a reversible interchange of charged particle ions with those of a like charge. The resins ultimately function this way due to their functional groups, which are permanently bound within the polymer matrix of the resin. The charged ions are then more or less programmed to then bond with ions of an opposing charge. The opposed charged ions are then delivered through the application of the resin base until equilibrium occurs. As a rule of thumb, the greater the size and/or valency of an ion, the greater affinity it will have with ions of an opposing charge.

Resin Regeneration

After the initial EDM resin removal process is complete, and all contaminant ions have bonded with all the available exchange sites within the deionized resin, it must be restored to its original capabilities through a resin regeneration cycle. Depending upon the type of resin and the application that is utilized, the regenerant may be a salt, acid, or a caustic solution. During the resin regeneration cycle the reaction process is reversed through the addition of a concentrated regenerative solution. The contaminated ions are then exchanged for ions within the newly added regenerative solution. The contaminated ions are then effectively flushed out of the system and the process can begin again.

Resin Regeneration Benefits

The EDM resin removal process effectively eliminates the impurities within the EDM fluid, which allows for a wide range of EDM machining advantages, some of the benefits include:
  • Effectively removes impurities within the fluid.
  • Creates a longer fluidic life cycle.
  • Provides overall increased stability.
  • Ensures an optimal liquid ionization processing effect.
  • Improves cutting accuracy.
  • Increases processing speed.

Ion Exchange Resin Composition

EDM deionized resins are composed of hydrocarbon chains that are cross-linked through a unique polymerization process. This method provides the resin with a more resilient and stronger structure and an increased volume capacity. Some of the more regularly used ion exchange resins, include:
  • Strong base anion (SBA) exchange resins
  • Strong acid cation (WAC) exchange resins
  • Weak acid cation (WAC) exchange resins
  • Weak base anion (WBA) exchange resins
  • Chelating resins

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