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  • Nuclear Cold Tap
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  • Vent Valve Holes
Nuclear Power Plants in the USA conduct maintenance on their Nuclear Reactors every 12-18 months during planned shutdowns called outages in the Fall or Spring seasons.
In 2008, McWilliams Sales & Service created a Nuclear Division that has been contracted to provide our EDM machining services to various Nuclear Power Plants around the country.  This has occurred during these outages as well as during some innages when the reactors are at full power.
Our Nuclear EDM Division uses our very unique compact portable McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machines to create (FME) holes in various pipes located throughout the Nuclear Power Plant to be able to install vent valves, etc.  This is done mostly to alleviate the gas accumulation issues which can cause an interruption of the flows of water through the pumps located around the plant.  This is a critical factor in the operation of Nuclear Reactors.
Our one of a kind portable McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine is very unique and critical to be used in Nuclear Power Plants for the following reasons:
  • We create burr free holes without foreign material (FME) thus eliminating a very critical factor that can damage the Nuclear Fuel Rods.  This EDM Machine replaces the outdated process still used in most Nuclear Power Plants which is the use of a power drill hole saw, borescope and then a vacuum to try and suck up all the metal chips created by this other outdated method.
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine can create a (FME) hole from 0.25 to 3.8 inches in diameter by vaporizing a hole through the wall of the pipe using either a copper, brass, or graphite electrode to create these finished burr free holes.
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machines’ head, power supply, pump, etc. are all small and light weight enough to be transported by hand and used anywhere in a Nuclear Power Plant.
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine can create both vertical or horizontal (FME) holes or anywhere in between.
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine can be used in Cold Taps, Wet Taps, or Hot Taps
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine uses 120VAC single phase 25-amp single phase power available in a Nuclear Power Plant.
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machine uses deionized water to flush out the vaporized particles created during this EDM process and into a catch basin and then down thru tygon hosing into a local floor drain.  This deionized water is readily available in the Chemistry Lab of every Nuclear Power Plant. 
  • The McWilliams Nuclear EDM Machines have been used in the diesel room, air system, feed water system, pump & valve room, reactor coolant, ECCS system, containment, and many other locations in various Nuclear Power Plants.
McWilliams Sales & Service has been contracted to work with the following USA Utility Companies at the various Nuclear Power Plants listed:
  • Florida Power & Light
    • Turkey Point (Homestead, FL) - 5 outages
    •  Point Beach (Two Rivers, WI) - 2 outages
  • Duke Power
    • Catawba (York, SC) - 4 outages
  • McGuire (Huntersville, NC) - 12 outages and innages
  • Exelon Corporation
    • Clinton (Clinton, IL) - 1 outage
    • R. E. Ginna (Ontario, NY) - 1 outage
    • Peach Bottom (Delta, PA) - 2 outages
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