EDM Filters

EDM filters are a necessary component of the EDM machining process. Particles and contaminants can travel into other parts of the EDM equipment and hinder the production process. Choosing the correct filter for your wire EDM machine will help prevent particle contamination and enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment.
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Replacing EDM Filters: Why Does It Matter?

Filters play a vital role in the ongoing success of EDM machines. The filtration process ensures that small particles created from the wire EDM machining process do not contaminate the machine or interfere with the EDM process, which can damage materials and the machine itself.
The correct filter can save the operator time while processing, resulting in lower maintenance costs. It can be tempting to choose an inexpensive filter in an attempt to cut costs, but the cost of constantly replacing the filter will add up quickly. McWilliams is here to assist you in finding the correct filter for your EDM machining equipment.

EDM Filter Sizes

Filters are rated based on the size of particles they can filter. The smaller the number, the more detailed the filtration. McWilliams offers an extensive range of EDM filters for all wire EDM machining equipment types.

Advantages of EDM Filters

High-quality filters offer many benefits to EDM equipment, including:
  • Increased cutting speeds
  • Aesthetic surface finishes
  • Improved cutting accuracy
  • Stable conductivity
  • Reduced machine deterioration
Ensuring the correct filter and replacement filters are utilized is critical in successfully operating your EDM equipment.

EDM Filter Variables & Considerations

To prevent damage to the machine or further degradation in quality, there are a few qualities to consider when purchasing a filter.

Type of Material

Different materials create vastly different particle sizes. When machining aluminum, it is suggested to use older filters with 10-20% of their life left, as the particles created are larger flakes that will clog brand-new filters. With carbide, it is suggested to use filters rated down to 3 microns, whereas the industry standard for using EDM processing on steel is 5 microns.

Flow Rate

The amount of debris is essential to consider, but it’s also necessary that your filter can keep up with the rate at which the debris is filtered. A machine using a filter that cannot keep up with refinement will have to pass the water volume through the filter rapidly, decreasing the filter’s ability to process the filtrate. This can lead to clogging and downtime, leading to more frequent filter replacements and higher long-term costs.

Filter Construction

If a filter is not constructed correctly, or any of its parts are below standard, it can cause the system to fail, sending contaminated fluid back into the system. This causes damage to the system and can also damage any parts being produced.

Services provided by McWilliams

EDM filters from McWilliams are compatible with new, used, and reconditioned EDM machines. We provide filters for a variety of machines, including but not limited to:
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sodick
  • Fanuc
  • Japax
In addition to filters, we offer a variety of EDM services, including consultations, tool repair, and EDM consumables. We are committed to providing you with the best EDM services and supplies available.

McWilliams Is Your Trusted Supplier of Wire EDM Equipment

McWilliams Sales & Service supplies EDM consumables for your EDM application needs. With extensive experience working with leading manufacturers and customers, we will work with you to find suitable filters and EDM consumables that work with your machines.  
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