EDM Wire Tools

An EDM wire tool is used on the EDM electrode machine to make graphite electrodes that will then be used on a conventional EDM machine.
Diamond coated wire tools are made from PCD materials or polycrystalline diamond particles. These are synthetic mini diamonds that are the toughest material in the world, and they provide the stability and strength needed for manufacturing tools.
In order to manufacture precise, detailed parts, EDM wire tools made from PCD materials provide the additional strength you need. McWilliams provides diamond coated wire tools for your wire EDM machines.

How Wire EDM Works

Wire EDM is one of two main types of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Unlike conventional EDM, this process provides greater versatility. Wire EDM services are used for a variety of components and parts, including:
  • Die components
  • Punches
  • Die blocks
  • Die inserts
  • Strippers
  • Punch holders
  • Form blocks and inserts
The wire EDM processes work through an electrically-charged wire that is moved through a series of guides. The wire releases a sequence of electrical discharges. The heat from the electrical sparks is so hot that it can melt away a microscopic amount of workpiece material, allowing intricate cuts in very hard materials. Wire EDM machines work with many materials, from carbon steel to copper to carbide.
The wire EDM process provides difficult, intricate cuts that are needed for small or highly detailed products. It also is an ideal method for producing low quantities or prototypes because of its cost-effectiveness.

EDM Wire Tools from McWilliams

McWilliams carries a range of wire tools to provide precise manufacturing with your EDM electrode making machines. Our wire tools include:

0.6mm Japax Diamond Coated Wire Tools:

These are 0.6mm diamond coated tools that are designed for Japax EMM-30 machines. They are 12 inches long with a 6-inch diamond coating for added strength.

1mm Japax Diamond Coated Wire Tools:

These tools are 1.0mm, created for Japax EMM-30 machines. With a 6-inch diamond coating, they provide the stability and toughness that wire EDM machines need.

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McWilliams provides the EDM wire tools you need for precise manufacturing. We offer a full range of EDM consumables for all makes and models of EDM machines. We have competitive prices and work with our customers to find the right products for your EDM needs.
To learn more about our EDM wire tools, contact us today.

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