EDM Consumables

Having the right style, material, and quality standards of consumables is critical for high-performance EDM production. McWilliams Sales & Service, Inc. supplies EDM consumables for all makes and models of EDMs. We have long-term relationships with top manufacturers in EDM accessory production. For high-quality EDM consumables at competitive prices, McWilliams is your solution.

What are EDM Consumables?

EDM consumable accessories are specialty products manufactured to be consumed by EDMs during the machining process. Because consumables have a short life span, they are typically purchased in large quantities. EDM consumables are available in various styles and material options for particular applications.

Consumable Accessories for Wire EDMs at McWilliams

At McWilliams, we stock and supply a wide selection of EDM consumable items in our inventory. We also have quick access to nearly any EDM consumable product from our partnerships with manufacturing vendors, allowing us to provide our customers with EDM resources as quickly as possible.

Carbide Contacts

EDM carbide inserts are usually indexable, meaning they can be exchanged, rotated, or flipped without disturbing the tool. Because EDM carbide contacts are not brazed or welded to the tool body, they are removable and replaceable.

CNC Colletts

A collet is a workholding device used to keep an object in place during CNC machining. As the collet is tightened, it clamps down on the object it holds, preventing movement. Collets typically consist of two surfaces: an inner, cylindrical surface and an outer, conical surface. When the outer surface contracts, it causes the inner surface to clamp whatever object it is holding in place.


Copper or brass electrodes are standard for use in Small Hole EDM machines. They can be single-hole or multi-channel (coreless) and come in lengths from 100-500mm (4-20 inches) and 0.1-20.0mm (.004-.787 inches) diameter for copper and 0.13-6.0mm (.005-.236 inches) diameter for brass.


EDM filters remove particles from the air, helping protect EDMs from contamination. Without proper filtration, contamination can affect the performance of the EDM and reduce production time.


EDM dielectric fluid and graphite solutions are used as high-voltage insulators to provide electrical insulation, suppress corona and arcing, and serve as a coolant.


EDM guides maintain proper wire alignment and ensure the accuracy of the machine tool. The cutting action is produced by electrical discharges created by EDM wire wound on a spool and automatically fed through two guides. EDM wire guides are located in the upper and lower machine heads.


Resin is utilized in EDM applications to remove impurities in the fluids during cutting through ion exchange. Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction where dissolved ions are drawn from a solution and replaced with other ions of the same or similar electrical charge.


During the EDM process, a thin piece of single-strand metal wire is fed through the workpiece and then submerged in a tank of dielectric fluid. The EDM wire is constantly fed from a spool and used to cut plates, punches, tools, and dies for hard metals. This process makes it possible to cut and process materials that have difficulty with other EDM methods.

Wire Tools

Diamond-coated wire tools are made from polycrystalline diamond (PCD) particles. These synthetic diamonds are the toughest material in the world, providing the stability and strength necessary for EDM wire tools.

McWilliams is Your Trusted Supplier of EDM Materials & Services

McWilliams stocks the most commonly used EDM consumables, ready to ship upon ordering. When we receive your in-stock orders by 2:00 pm, they are carefully packaged and shipped from our North Carolina or Michigan facility the same day. We also quickly order any special products you need. Our overseas vendors work closely with us, typically shipping products within a week of ordering.
We also offer a range of premium EDM services, including consultations, support, training, and distribution of reconditioned EDM equipment.

Contact Us Today for All Your EDM Consumables

Having trouble finding the EDM resources you need? Contact us with your EDM requirements, and our team will help you get what you need. At McWilliams, we strive to ensure you have the best EDM consumables as quickly as possible. Trust McWilliams Sales & Service to be your vendor for all the EDM consumable items you need.

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