EDM Carbide Contact Inserts

EDM carbide inserts are removable cutting tips that help to improve your EDM's performance. These EDM power feed contacts promote faster machining and result in more refined product finishes. Because carbide inserts are not brazed or welded to the tool body, they can be removed and replaced. They are usually indexable, meaning they can be exchanged, rotated, or flipped without disturbing the tool.

Order Sodick & Japax EDM Carbide Inserts Today

At McWilliams, we supply high-performance EDM power feed contacts and wire-cut carbide inserts. Our carbide inserts are designed to produce high-quality, strong products that typical EDM equipment can't achieve. We carry a variety of contacts for your wire EDM from many popular brands, including Japax and Sodick.

Why Choose Carbide Inserts for EDMs?

Carbide, also called hard metal, is a broad term for a class of chemical compounds in which carbon is combined with a metallic element to create an exceptionally strong material. Carbide is a popular manufacturing material because it offers beneficial characteristics, including high hardness, strength, and resistance to wear and corrosion. Because of these advanced properties, carbide is ideal for EDM inserts.

Benefits of EDM Carbide Points

Carbide inserts for EDMs are made from a mixture of tungsten carbide and other materials cemented together by using cobalt to bind them, resulting in a highly wear-resistant, durable insert. Creating contacts using wire-cut carbide provides a range of benefits, including:
  • Higher cutting temperatures
  • Faster machining
  • Better finishes
  • Closer tolerances
  • Longer tool life

Types of Carbide Inserts for Japax and Sodick EDMs

  • Japax Round V-Groove Type: This carbide contact is used for Japax brand wire EDM machines for use on Japt 3F, 3FM, 3J, and 4G controls. McWilliams supplies a range of EDM carbide inserts for Japax and other popular EDM machines.
  • Japax Square Type: This carbide contact is a square insert that is used for Japax brand wire EDM machine. It is for use on Japt 3F, 3FM, 3J, and 4G controls.
  • Japax Larger Square Type for AF-4: This carbide contact is a larger square insert that is designed for Japax 4G controls for AF4 Japax brand wire EDM machines.
  • Sodick Rectangular Block: This rectangular carbide contact is designed for type 87-3 Sodick brand wire EDM machines. It is useful for non-AWT machines, as well as newer AWT machines.
  • Early Sodick Round Cylindrical Upper AWT Type: This carbide contact is a round, cylindrical upper AWT-type machine. It is designed for use with Sodick brand wire EDM machines.

Contact McWilliams for Your EDM Carbide Points & Other Consumables 

McWilliams Sales & Services offers a large assortment of EDM consumables for all makes and models of EDM machines. We have long-term relationships with leading manufacturers and can provide you with the highest quality wire-cut carbide contacts and other consumables to improve your production process. We also buy and sell used EDMs in a wide range of styles.
Request a quote for more information about our EDM consumables, or contact us today. For all your EDM needs, choose McWilliams.

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